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    Mini Symposium

  • Local formability on the sheared edge and edge cracking for AHSS, GEN3 steel, and aluminum alloys
    Organized by Dr. Hyunok Kim (EWI, USA)
  • Multi-scale modeling of sheet metals
    Organized by Dr. Dayong Li and Dr. Huamiao Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China), and Dr. Hongwei Li
    (Northwest Polytechnical University, China)
  • Additive manufacturing and its impacts on sheet metal forming
    Organized by Prof. Dr. Nader Asnafi (Örebro University, Sweden)
  • Main Topic

  • Main theme-more flexible: extending flexibility of sheet metal forming
  • Formability of sheet metals and characterization methodologies
  • Material constitutive modelling
  • Necking, instability and formability prediction
  • In-line control in sheet metal forming
  • Digitalization in tooling and intelligent tools for sheet metal forming
  • Advanced simulation methods for sheet metal forming
  • Damage and fracture in sheet metal forming
  • Tribology, friction and wear in forming
  • Shear cutting and blanking
  • Sheared edge formability
  • Local versus global formability
  • AHSS and Gen-3 steels
  • Warm and hot forming of light metals
  • Hot stamping
  • Interaction of forming and crashworthiness