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The IDDRG (International Deep Drawing Research Group) was started in the late 1950’s as an organization of national groups devoted to the study of sheet metal forming including forming processes, materials, formability issues, tooling, tribology and many other interesting aspects of sheet metal forming research and industrial practices.

The IDDRG conference is a gathering for the world’s leading production specialists and researchers from all over the world for fruitful discussions on challenging technical topics in sheet metal forming technology.

The conference is designed to provide a rich environment for knowledge development, discussions and interactions.

History of IDDRG

IDDRG 1957

IDDRG 2003
IDDRG 2004
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Foundation IDDRG

Bled, Slovenia
Sindelfingen, Germany
Besançon, France
Porto, Portugal
Győr, Hungary
Olofström, Sweden
Golden, Colorado
Graz, Austria
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Bilbao, Spain
Mumbai, India
Zurich, Switzerland
Paris, France
Shanghai, China
Linz, Austria
Munich, Germany
Waterloo, Canada
Enschede, The Netherlands
Virtual, Korea